Our Vision

To put collective wisdom at the service of human evolution and the regeneration of the planet.

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25 October 2023

Lisbon – Portugal

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Virgílio Varela

Virgílio Varela

A dream weaver and a doer who believes that we all have an essence and a potential to manifest for a more beautiful and healthy world.

Thaís Cristina Varela

Thaís Cristina Varela

I manifest my true self when I plant seeds of transformation so that everyone experiences meaning in what they do, from the dreams they bring with them.

Advisory Board

Marina Varela

Marina Varela

My purpose is to serve the world with my gifts, life experience and spirituality.

Partners and Co-Creators

The inspiration for the name Humanfleet

Humans are like interconnected vessels
sailing together the same evolutionary river.
We are diverse
and at the fundamental level we are unit
moving swiftly, transforming our inner and outer self,
shapeshifting as we expand
to become the river
and then the sea itself.
From this oneness
and interdependent mindset
all our creativity,
collective intelligence,
And innovation emerges
in service of the whole
Life generating new life