We believe that facilitation is an essential competence for any company, organization or group leadership. The future will ask for people who can dialogue with multiple partner profiles, understand different worldviews, help people and teams achieve their goals, promote inclusion and diversity and capture the best of collective intelligence.

Our facilitation is grounded in transformation, cooperation, change, dialogue, decision making and conflict management. A move away from a solely hierarchical, linear logic of control, rigidity and confrontation towards a systemic, collaborative, participatory, bottom-up approach of trust and respect, seeking to activate collective intelligence and the regeneration of the planet. 

“The main goal of all facilitation activities is to enhance the effectiveness of others, whether that’s the personal effectiveness of an individual who is being coached, the ability of a team to reach its goals, or the overall wellness of an organization and its culture.”

          Advanced Facilitation Strategies,  Ingrid Bens


Our facilitation principles 

  1. Sincere respect for all groups and backgrounds
  2. Support the transition from consumers to creators of knowledge and wisdom
  3. Hold space for transformation and evolution
  4. As in play as in life: Play is a field of transformation to a purposeful life
  5. Focus on experiencing and then reflecting 
  6. Learning process are about self-discovery 
  7. Whole brain and body teaching
  8. We believe that everyone possess innate wisdom that can be channeled for the good of the collective
  9. Advocate co-evolution and participation
  10. Value the synergistic power of the collective