Creative Courage


All professions require creative courage.Courage to change, to make decisions, to show up, activate  your essence and potencial, to be vulnerable and to be responsible. Courage( from the French coeur) is the action guided by the heart- the secret ingredient of human connection. An organizational culture that thrives invites their people to expand their comfort zone  in spite of doubt and fear. Courage is connected to change, to creativity and innovation. According to Breneé Brown “Courage is contagious. Every time we brave with our lives, we make the people around us a little braver and our organizations bolder and stronger”

The concept of creative courage is an invitation to experience freedom and the power to create meaningful lives, products and services that are in dialogue with evolution.

“ Creative courage is about helping shape the fabric of the emerging world”

Virgílio Varela


– To acknowledge the importance of creativity in personal and professional life;

– To understand the transformative impact of a creative courage mindset

– To explore the values of grit, confidence, perseverance, patience, compassion and resilience 

– Gain courage to try new things and ‘play’ with ideas;

– To embrace and overcome the fear of making mistakes in innovation processes;

– Get motivated to work more as a team;

-To explore the creative role of generative questions 

-Discover the power of your essence and belief in your potential to transform your environment

– Use listening and feedback to activate the collective intelligence of the group;

-To celebrate our diversity of origins, cultural  background and perspectives 

-To practice deep listening as a tool to overcome the voice inside of your  head that says  that You can’t to something  

– Understand how problems and challenges are opportunities for innovation;

– Design a short/medium term creativity action plan;

– Learn to look at the company’s activities in a different and innovative way.


– What is Creativity? What is a Creative Courage mindset?

Myths about creativity, inspiring examples, games to develop creative courage.

Application of two creative thinking techniques: 

– The importance of mistakes.

The fear of making a mistake (Freeze, Fight or Flight), the power of vulnerability in the creative process.

Powerful tools for connection.

-Deep Listening

-Essence discovery

– Charismatic communication and Generative Questions

-Presence and values

-Application of the creative thinking techniques “Storytelling” and “Storyboarding”.

-Application of the creative thinking technique “Mind Map”.

-Action plan: creativity applied in the personal and professional universe.