Oasis Game

Jogo Oásis is a social technology, which invites a community to dream, plan and build in a cooperative way a challenging project chosen by the residents to satisfy their needs, such as a square, a park, a day care centre or a cultural centre. In Jogo Oásis the community has a broad definition and involves citizens, representatives of NGOs, parish councils, town councils as well as local residents.

The 7 Disciplines


perspective of abundance and beauty


Discovering others and their talents


mapping collective dreams


Dream prototype

MIRACLE and CELEBRATION: in two days of hands-on, the group materialises the collective dream, ending with a great celebration and recognition of the cooperative work.

This stage not only materializes a collective transformation, but promotes transformation in the economic, social and environmental environment through fashion, gastronomy, handicraft and community-based tourism workshops. 

The last stage is RE-EVOLUTION: after the action there is a meeting of the mobilising team with the community to evaluate the results achieved, talk about the future and dream up a new project: a challenge for the next six months.

Duration:On average  8 days or to be arranged with the partner