Regenerative Leadership: Being a System | 30th of April

It’s an invitation for leaders to be courageous and support work that protects ecosystems, enables equity, social cohesion and holds to a purpose greater than profit.

The Regenerative Leadership approach deals with today’s landscape in a systemic way. The challenges we face require a completely new and different way of thinking to the level that traditional leadership approaches have applied.

It is an invitation not only to be a better leader, but to be truer to yourself, truer in your relationships and truer in your life.

When I have this inner focus I discover my world views and biases, my essence and potential to contribute to the health of the system that I am part of: this includes my peers, stakeholders, local business, government, nature and all living beings. 

As a leader, when you allow life to start showing you synchronicities and patterns that align you with a force much greater than your ego and mind, there will be a shift in your awareness,understanding,behaviors and  actions.

True leadership is about realising that the current path based on a mechanistic views and separation  is no longer working and it is time to move on to a new path of seeing  interdependence as an advantage to create a Life sustaining society. It is a leap of faith: like crossing the threshold from the old to the new even without having all the answers before embarking on the journey . Our future needs each of us to start on the Regenerative Leadership Journey.

Sketch by Dan Palmer based on Carol Sanford’s description

Regenerative Leadership is an inner work above all. Your inner state will cause positive or negative ripples throughout your organisation, family and wider ecosystems . There is no external policy, technology or mechanism that alone can solve the situation we are in right now. We need a root – and – branch approach to the systemic challenges we face as a species . We now need to have the courage to go to the root mess we find ourselves in and heal ourselves so that we can heal our organisations and our societies – from the inside out.

How can we co-create a new way to get through these difficult times? How can you help to design new and more prosperous ways ?

Who is this for?

Regenerative Leadership is for anyone who is interested in exploring and undertaking transformational change within themselves, their systems , organisations and communities. You’re welcome whether you are working in the private sector,public sector, NGO, or you are an entrepreneur looking to transform your inner landscape so you can bring a positive impact in the world.

Workshop topics

Principles of Regenerative Leadership

Systemic Thinking: patterns, feedback and leverage points 5 ways of knowing

System being

Individual reflections: Journalling

Adaptive Cycle: natural patterns of change in living systems Nature’s wisdom for leadership: Biophilia, Biomimicry Reflections in pairs and coaching circle

Leadership and Followership

5 emotions

Inner Development Goals

Leadership positions

Deep listening, visualization and presence practices Individual/organizational ecosystem mapping

The DNA Diagnostic wheel

Self-care and well-being practices

Time: 10am-5pm

Location: Siendo

Contribution: 100 euros

A healthy and nutritious Coffee-Break will be offered


Virgílio Varela was born in Lisbon. He is father of three children and son of Cape Verdean parents. He has a Masters in Education from King’s College University of London with a thesis on Learning Strategies. He is an international consultant and facilitator with a vast experience of working in diverse methodologies of empowerment of groups and organisations. Examples are methodologies such as Dragon Dreaming, Work That Reconnects, Jogo Oásis-Instituto Elos, Asset Based Community Development, Open Space Technology, Design Thinking.

In the last 25 years he has developed his experience in project design for communities and organisations such as the European Commission, United Nations, UNESCO, in countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, Latvia, Cape Verde and Mozambique. He is a speaker, composer and creator of transformation programs such as Regenerative Storytelling, Atlantis Program (co-authorship), Grow Impact Together, Jogo Oásis Moçambique. He is currently CEO of Humanfleet, an organization that operates in the area of social entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation and collective intelligence at the service of human transformation and regeneration of the planet.

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