Work That Reconnects


– Know practices that include deep dialogue, meditations, small group interactions and dynamics of interconnection with nature.

– Understand perspectives drawn from Living Systems science, Deep Ecology, and spiritual traditions that facilitate our existential connectivity with the Web of Life.  

– To experience a sense of community, courage and inspiration.

– To have the opportunity to share with others their inner responses to the current condition of our world. 

– Awakening resilience to live in full Consciousness of the Great Turning and embrace uncertainty.

– Discover a new relationship with the world.

– Gain motivation and tools to serve and act for the benefit of the greater Earth community.

– Identify strengths and resources we can mobilise to reflect our commitment to a more beautiful world that we know is possible.

– To be inspired to transform our institutions for the benefit of all beings

– To deepen our understanding of our relationship with each other, with other beings in the web of Life, with the past and the future.

– To have plans and motivation for the construction of a sustainable and just culture.

– To experience practices that strengthen interdependence, responsibility and inspire action for radical social and cultural change towards a Life-affirming society.


 The Work That Reconnects was created over 40 years ago by eco-philosopher Joanna Macy.  Its purpose is to invite people into a new relationship with the world, to empower them to be part of the Great Turning Point and to reclaim for themselves, their strengths and resources to contribute to the regeneration of the planet. 

The Work That Reconnects is informed by Deep Ecology, Systems Thinking, Gaia Theory, and spiritual traditions (especially Buddhist and indigenous teachings). What all these themes have in common is a non-linear view of reality. 

The Work That Reconnects is a set of practices designed to better understand our place in the world and give us a vision of where and how to act in this time of global transition.